What is your Authentic Self…???

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I know, what you are thinking. What kind of a guy I am, because I haven’t posted any post here in a very long time. You might be thinking that I am a guy who has a blog because others do. MAYBE you are right. ..=P

I’ve been busy and you know, my exams start like in less than 5 days. So don’t be mad and wish me luck. You just did…? Thanks..:D

Now, let’s get a little serious. Here is a question. Have you ever been asked the question of ‘WHO ARE YOU? Or have you asked it yourself once? I believe you have. I am not gonna bore you with a long article about ‘Being yourself’ –NO.Authentic-Self

I’ve read about this on Dr.Phil – ‘Defining your authentic self’. Apparently, people either live their ‘Authentic’ or ‘Fictional’ self. Now let’s know what is what. Dr.Phil puts, a person’s authentic self as, who he is created to be. It’s the you that can be found in the inner core. When we are asked ‘who we are’, we often say – “Umm, I am a student” or “I am a dad” or “I live in Maldives”. But, is that a correct answer to the question – I guess, not. You are just saying what you are doing in life and what is your position in life. You often can’t say who you are, because you don’t know.

The authentic self is not just about what you are doing or what your social situation is. It’s your ‘true’ self. For example, there are people who doesn’t love their work or their job, but doesn’t have the guts to quit. They believe that, it is what they have to do, maybe because it pays him in 5 digits. Then ask the question. Is that your authentic self?

Authentic self is the ‘everything’ about your. Your skills, talent and wisdom. It’s all the things that are only yours and it is NOT, what you believe what you are SUPPOSED TO BE.

Then there is the ‘fictional self’ – It is the you that the world told you to be. Or it is the you that you believe that you are supposed to be.  You may find it easy to fill the roles your family and friends expect of you, rather than who you really want to be. What you should remember, is just because your father is a doctor, you don’t have to be it if you don’t want it. Or just because your friends have girlfriends or boyfriends, you don’t have to have them if you are really not the type of guy who wants to get into something so exclusive.

Now you know the difference between – “What you BELIEVE what you are supposed to be” and “What you WANT yourself to be” The former is the fictional self and the latter is the authentic self. BTW ‘who are you’..? =P


Being Ellen DeGeneres…=P

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I know you must be thinking or hating me because, I mostly talk about Ellen DeGeneres or you know EI. =P. Well, today too its the same – Ellen DeGeneres but different. I so much wanna be in one of her show and that too with Sophia Grace and Rosie. Tea Time with them would do too.634496095362230000

Anyway lets get to the point. Remember once I told you about ‘to get in someone else shoe’ – well I am not wearing her shoe if you are thinking. I mean to say what I would do if I was her. Most importantly for the sake of this post, myself being someone else.  Lets Go…

” First of all Thank you for the award – Yeah the People’s Choice Award I am talking about. Thanks to all the ‘people’ who voted and watch my show.

You might be thinking (well the other me =P), why I don’t have Enrique Iglesias on my show. That man is so busy that I have invited him for like 2 to 3 times, but he would have a concert or something or be like his father (You know I mean).

Ok so you must also have heard, about Taylor and Harry. Well they broke up. The media is so punctual. They just can’t leave a celebrity to alone hah..:P First of all, both of them are very close friends of min. Now I have to listen to both of their stories =p. Anyway, I am trying to do a show, where I invite both of em and do what I did with Tay and Zac.  Well if you haven’t seen it, ‘what’s wrong with you America’. Its time you watch it…:P

I have had a run for 10 years. Thanks to all the viewers around this round thing.

So here is some thing to think about – You might think I am just a day time talk show host. Well then you are not all correct. I am also an easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl =P. What I always say – ‘be kind to one another’. You know what that means right? If you don’t start dancing like I do. But seriously, be kind to one another. You might think you have a lot more and you are going through the most difficult thing in life. But, what you don’t know is about the other. He might have things to deal with, that are double than yours. Or even much much bigger. So just smile- smile to a stranger, say Hi, ask him how his day is, lend a hand to help. By doing so, you might be actually making up someone else’s hardest day a little easy.

And yeah btw, Portia and myself, we spent the Christmas at Caribbean. It was fun. I will tell you about that during the show. And yeah, if you haven’t heard Tony laugh, you should hear it now. Because it will make you laugh..”

*sigh* I sound nothing like Ellen hah. Anyway ‘be kind to one another’. See you some other time. Till then bye bye America. I mean bye bye..=P

When life gives you a hard time…!!!

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I am damn sure, everyone reading this have had faced with something that, they actually hoped never happened. That’s what we call ‘when life puts you in a difficult position’ – A complicated family relationship, breaking up with your LOVE, failure, difficult friends etc. All of us would have gone though atleast one of the above kinds of ‘craps’, as you may call.
Lets take the most common ones – Love and relationships. Youth (including myself), sometimes (I bet most of the times) think that, maybe because you broke-up with someone you really love, thats the end of your happiness. You might think, it just vanished once for all and there is no way you could get it back.

Lets say there is this girl, who would do anything to keep her partner happy. And its ok, for her even if he treats her like crap (trust me happens more than you think). Is this a relationship? The girl might say, she loves him like ‘crazy’ or whatever and she would do anything to take the relationship further. But, seriously is there a relationship to take to a next level? I don’t think so. You can’t be okei with everything right? Well same applies the other way round.  So there’s that.
What do you do in those kind of situations? Say to yourself – “Yes, that’s it. I am done with all this crap” or would you just keep mourning for months long…? Well, if you think whats right for you is the second option – Sorry, I don’t wanna be rude, but stop reading =P.
What we need to understand is, its a part of life too. Good plus bad or evil you may say. Happiness + Sadness and the list goes on. The point is in all those negative situations, say to yourself, that you are not the kind of person who would live ‘with it’ forever. Instead be a person who would learn from those experiences and keep moving forward. No one can stop you until you are willing to do so. Try to find the good in things not the bad ones. *sigh*

Some random favourites


So those of you who know me well, this won’t be a big deal.
5 things that interests me. Lets start –
1. Ellen DeGeneres –
If you don’t know her, well you SHOULD search on YouTube or Google or whatever. She is such an inspiration. She can just make a very horrible day so much fun and can make you think about stuffs. Really, I just have no idea how this woman stays so positive always. I just love her.
The show I am talking about, not that my friends are not interesting. Trust me they are the best. I remember myself arguing with people (I mean Pune people) that HIMYM is more fun than FRIENDS. Well turns out I am so wrong. Its much more fun to watch than any other comedy show ever.
3. Economics –
I am not that a fan and when I completed my O-levels there is no other subject that I hated more. That made me not opt Econ at A-levels. But, guess what I just fell in love with the subject at my degree. Its so interesting. I so regret that I hated it before. Anyway the good thing is I have Econ now every year and I totally love it.
4. Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye –
You can see they have the same last name but, they are not related. ( I learnt it from one of their poems). Well they are these two awesome Spoken word poets. I am not so much into poetry, but these two if you listen to them, I swear you will wanna listen them again.  Here is a very coincident fact about them. ( Sarah Kay has a younger brother named Philip Kay and Phil Kaye has a younger sister named Aurora Sarah Kaye – interesting hah)
5. Enrique Iglesias –
I didn’t wanna bore you by putting this on the top of the list =P. And you know I need no explanation.

So that’s it… Tell me about some of yours…=P

Its not just 7


So I have been busy… You might not know but, I was… I know I am late but, I wish you a wonderful and a blissful New Year. habits_of_highly_effective_people
The idea came from a friend. Well, actually a book she was reading. “Seven habits of highly effective people” (PS: I didn’t read it). What I am trying to say here is do you think its just only 7 habits or is more or less or is it just one? I don’t know. Well in this case, she says its pretty good. Many a times we see articles, post or maybe something bigger having such headings. For example lets say 7 habits or 7 things you should do for a better life. Well here is what I think.
Let me list out mine.
1. Beleive in something, most importantly yourself.
2. Be moderate on what you do. Don’t go extreme.
3. Love what you do and most importantly, do what you love.
4. Respect and know when you have to draw a line.
5. Understand the word ‘LOVE’. Its not just something you say. Prove that you love or show it by your actions.
6. Be able to take the worst critisim.
7. Be your self.
Actually, I can go listing out too but, because I said 7 do I necessarily need to stop? Lets see what I said. See the last one – ‘Be your self’. Yes, it is just the 7th one but, it really says a lot. Right? It includes the whole you. From the most little things you do to the very big – your attitude, what you do, what you love, your whole beleif system etc. Infact isn’t the last one the most significant. Can you live a life that is actually not you? Can u pretend to be someone else? Someone you are not? Well, guess what. You can’t.
Lets go back to the 7 habits of highly effective people. Yes, there should be qualities. But, you can have yours and  Stephen R. Covey might not be correct. There maybe 8 or 9 or maybe 7 or just one. We say education is important. Yes, it is important. But, does that mean all the successful men in here have the highest level of education? So is it just ‘ok’ to say ‘that’. I don’t think so.
Well anyway, just my idea.
PS. I read the headings on that book and I really think you guys sould see it too. Maybe just the headings. It will make you think. =P

Two Thousand and Twelve


I am sure most of you would have realized by now that, today is the last day of the year. Well those who don’t… get this. Today actually is the last date of 2012 and if you haven’t done anything you wanted to do in this year, well best of luck doing it before the day ends.

So here is some I did. Well its not much but, some wasteful and some exciting good stuffs.  Lets start with one of my this years resolution. I said I would write on my diary everyday so that I could read it, maybe 5 years later and probably laugh to myself. Well guess what, I have entries till February 28th. I did better than Rachel (yeah from FRIENDS).

This might be a huge news for some. I was in a relationship at the end of 2011 and I broke up like on mid of January 2012. Surprised…? Ah, well get over it.
And there was my Second year exams at the end of March, which I did pretty well. So that’s over. And, guess what I was 21 on March 26. Days go so fast. I remember myself crying because Mom would not allow me go swim when I was 7 and 8. Feels like it happened yesterday.

And yeah got a very fun surprise birthday party from friends here (who by the way is the best people I’ve met lately). So that’s the good part of the day and there is the worst. 541309_355438587839767_1964419282_n
And then I went home for vacation and it was pretty much fun but, it would be mostly coffees and hanging out. Also went home home, which seriously is very boring. People there, they sleep before 10 and I feel like I going crazy because I wouldn’t have anything to do.*sigh*

Vacation ended slow. I came back here, umm June 10 I think ( too lazy to go check passport ). And our results got delayed for like 1 and half month and so here, it was like eat-sleep-watch a series and sometimes clean. So that was it. When the college started I became the ‘good guy’ meaning not the lazy one. I did go to college almost every day which I didn’t do previous years.
This is getting long. So well in  rap, went to EI concert here (about which you can read here https://lahchey.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/best-2-hours-ever/), umm solved the Rubik cube for the first time (of-course with help), umm and yeah there was this awesome BBQ last night. Made some pretty amazing friends and plus I do think I have some reunions which I should do but, is not so good at it.
Anyway that’s pretty much of what I remember now. How was you year…? Any good…?

PS. I wrote this post on 31st December 2012. And then I had no internet connection so could not upload. =P

Best 2 hours ever


So if anyone asks me ‘Whats your best day so far?’ I would just be so excited and say its 17th October 2012. Hell Yeah, it was so fun being at an Enrique Iglesias live concert and is something that I would never forget. For those of you who don’t know me, simply I am the biggest fan of Enrique Iglesias.

So how it started. Well, what do you do as the first thing when you wake up? Rush to take a shower or get a coffee..? That’s not me. I would just go to facebook and see ‘whats new’. It was just a regular day of October. What I saw was EI (Enrique Iglesias) posts saying ‘India wait for a huge news’. At that moment I knew there will be something huge, well it turned out as I expected. The next day same thing. I logged in and searched EI. I just jumped out of excitement to see EIs tour dates to India. Booked the tickets on that day itself and till October 17, those were the days when time, seriously moved very very slow (=P).
Okeii, so here comes what happened on the day. Well it was not just me who went (that would be a lil boring right to go alone). So I went with Ben. well the concert was scheduled to start at 8pm but, we went to the venue at 1pm (that’s how much I was waiting for this =P). Waited in the long queue for like 5 hours but, guess what I didn’t even complain a bit because I had to stand all those time.

Well finally we were in and there we had to stand again for like one and half hour before he arrived on stage. The long wait was finally over and he was there, on stage just in front of us and I don’t know what to say and that feeling was inexplicable. That was the best 2 hours of my life. Lets don’t talk about the lighting and the crowed. (That is another story).
And there was this guy who got the chance to sing with him on stage. I wished I was him. Just to sing with him, that would be like a miracle *sigh*. Okei anyway that was it.Image

PS. I took some very good pictures of him but, the recent incidents with my laptops (yeah not just one) I can’t show you any of them except this which I posted on my facebook.

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